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General terms of sales

Terms of delivery

The prices of the goods are based on delivery terms ‘available freely from the seller’s premises without packaging’. The seller delivers the goods to the buyer at the buyer’s expense, unless agreed otherwise. Prices shown excluding VAT.

Orders to be collected at Etra Megacenter stores will be stored for 3 months. After this 3-month collection period, the products may be sold to other customers, or they are sent to the customer at their expense.

Additional fees

Orders with total of less than 500 SEK (excluding VAT) are subject to an additional 50 SEK small order fee.

Delayed payments are subject to a 60 SEK payment reminder fee and penalty interest. The penalty interest of 8% (including VAT) is defined by the Riksbanken’s reference interest and will be added to the invoice.


The goods are delivered in factory packaging from the seller’s warehouse. Other packaging and handling fees are added to the invoice based on actual costs.


The limit of credit for companies, which are eligible for credit, is at minimum 10,000 SEK. Etra reserves a right to examine credit rating for each customer based on applicable records, also during the customer relationship.

Other Terms

NL17 (Sveriges Mekanförbund) terms are observed with the aforementioned specifications.

The fees in these terms are mentioned excluding VAT.