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OnSite Services

Why choose Etra OnSite Services?


Etra OnSite Services saves you money, enhances productivity and frees resources.


Etra is reliable and creditable partner. We ensure that the agreed products are available.


Etra Team powers your service. Replenishments, maintenance, cleanliness, support and expert sales staff make sure your operations run smoothly.


Etra strives to provide engaging service experiences. The modern technical solutions and software are a finishing touch to your supply chain service experience. Business with Etra is quick and easy.

Services for your individual needs

Etra Mobile own shelving

Customer orders the required stock replenishments on the Etra Mobile app with ease.

Etra Shelving services

Etra ensures constant product availability.

Etra 24/7- Solutions

Real-time inventory monitoring

Invoicing based on actual use

Other orders

Etra webshop, e-commerce, email and phone orders, technical sales services.

Etra Shelving services

  • Etra ensures that the agreed products and quantities are always available where you need them.
  • Efficient replenishment orders on hand-held terminals with the agreed intervals.
  • Flexible options for billing and reporting.

Etra Mobile own shelving solutions

Etra Mobile order app on the customer’s phone

  • Order the products you need quickly and easily on the Etra Mobile app.
  • The agreed products range and delivery method enable versatile use.
  • Quickly from order to delivery.
  • Also suitable for additional orders.
  • The app is available in Google Play Store and AppStore.

Etra 24/7 solutions

Etra eCabin - the new generation VMI cabinet

  • Door lock with your existing electronic keys
  • Integration options with many popular access control systems
  • Products presented with versatile organizing solutions
  • Etra Mobile functionality with Own Shelving or 24/7 options
  • Efficient organization!

Etra 24/7 solutions

Etra eLock – locker vending machine

  • MRO supplies where they are needed
  • Suitable for a broad range of products
  • Easy-to-use touch screen user interface
  • Versatile and accurate product use control and billing
  • Integration options with many popular access control systems
  • Pick and Go

Etra 24/7 solutions


  • 24/7 Self-service store with broad product selection
  • Automatic product recognition with RFID stickers on the products
  • Easy-to-use  24/7 product use registering with the automated system
  • Versatile and accurate customer-specific control and billing
  • Integration options with many popular access control systems

Etra 24/7 solutions

Etra 24/7 Onsite container

  • Modular and scalable warehouse service for building sites
  • Access with electronic keys or Etra Mobile - 24/7 Storage app
  • Service model available as shelving service or self-service store
  • The products range adapts to your needs according to construction site phase

Etra OnSite Shop

Service point in your location

  • Agreed product range 
  • Quick product orders
  • Value-added services
  • Expert services
  • VMI stock replenishments