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Etra OnSite Services - Etra Managed Inventories

Modern digital VMI solutions to ensure constant availability for the right products.

    • 24/7 availability and management for VMI products
    • Quick and easy ordering
    • Flexible options for reporting and billing

With the help of the chemical portal Etra, you manage chemical safety materials in digital form.

  • You always have updated user security bulletins at your disposal.
  • With Etra's chemical portal, you can easily find and manage the chemicals you use.
  • In the chemicals portal, you can also manage and add chemicals other than those supplied by Etra
  • The service includes a risk assessment tool.
  • Etra's chemical portal works on the most common mobile devices, tablets and computers, no separate application.
  • The chemical management tool is free for Etra's customers.

Small packages and set making

Packing and set making service at our logistics center offers set-making services for items used to doe.g. installations or your other specifications. Installation sets may include products from more than one supplier.

Examples of sets

  • Adding microphones to respirators (removing mouthpiece, drilling hole for microphone, microphone mounting, reassembly)
  • Making tool kits
  • Helmet kits, customer-specific stickers, accessory mounting
  • Cable repair kits
  • Fastener packing (one item per box)
  • Fastener set making

Hose Assembly

Custom made hose and coupling assemblies are available at Etra. Our services include:

  • Hydraulic hose assemblies with couplings (available in Etra Megacenters selling hydraulics)
  • Metal hose assemblies, composite hose assemblies
  • Hoses cut to customer’s specifications (incl. device-specific assemblies)
  • Vacuum hose assemblies with swage ferrules (for e.g. food and pharmaceutical industries)
  • Low-pressure hose assemblies with screw clamps (e.g. steam hoses)

Tape and film cutting service

Etra Logistic Center offers tape-cutting services. At our facilities, we can cut tapes, surface protection films, and electrical insulating materials to suit custom measurements. The tape cutters can cut any lengths over 2mm with only 0.1mm tolerance. Maximum roll outer width us 400mm, with internal width of 25mm, 50mm, or 75mm. The film cutter also has only 0.1mm tolerance, but the material can have a significantly larger diameter. All products are wrapped after cutting according to individual needs and marked with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Workwear printing

Etra provides high quality work clothing printing, tailored to your needs. Logos, text, pictures - anything you need.

Maintenance of respiratory and fall protection

Etra services include respitory and fall protection equipment maintenance. Maintenance services are located in Etra Logistic Center. Ask more about Etra Services from your Etra contact person or at the local Etra Megacenter.


Etra arranges trainings tailored to our customers' needs, including product and user training.


We provide customer-specific customized reporting models for our customers. The product codes used by the customer can be marked on the delivered products and documents. As a part of comprehensive partnerships, we can facilitate easier invoice management with customer-specific itemization. Itemization can be based on product groups, discount groups, customer reference, customer order numbers, item locations, or combinations thereof. The itemized reports can be delivered automatically via e-mail directly to the right persons.

Cutting services

Cutting roller chains

In Etra's logistics centre, we have Rexnord roller chains in a standard length of 5 metres. Our chain range includes the Rexnord models: 06B-1, 06B-2, 08B-1, 08B-2, 10B-1, 10B-2, 12B-1, 12B-2, 16B-1, 16B-2, 20B-1 , 20B-2, 24B-1, 24B-2. Although the standard measurement is 5 m, we also have longer chains available. We cut the chain carefully according to the customer's specifications in Etra's logistics center.

Cutting of timing belts

We store timing belts in our warehouses mainly as semi-finished products because we want to be able to quickly deliver timing belts in all lengths and widths. We also have extra wide cam belts in our range. The cam belts are cut in Etra's logistics center and can be shipped to the nearest Megacenter for pickup, in some cases already the next working day. In urgent cases, it is possible to have the hacking done outside of general opening hours.

Cutting threaded rods

We have a very wide range of 2 meter long bars in models 4.8 Zn, 8.8 Zn, 8.8 HDG and stainless steel in models A2 and A4. The bars are cut in Etra's logistics center in Tavastehus. The ends of the rods are chamfered to ensure that the nuts move smoothly. The ends can also be sprayed on request.

Quality Assurance

Fastener Production Quality Assurance

  • NDT: Magnetic-particle inspection (MT), Penetrant testing (PT), Ultrasonic testing (UT)
  • DT: Hardness testing, tensile, bend and, impact testing, and metallographic analyses
  • The following certificates are available for all materials used in our production: PED 2.1, 2.2, 3.1 and 3.2 certificate
  • We also arrange inspections by classification societies for the products we produce per to the customer’s requirements:  ABS, BV, CCS, CR, DNV, GL, KRS, LRS, RINA, RMRS.
  • Quality driven ethos combined with expertise, up-to-date production technology, and modern facilities enable ETRA to produce best possible quality products for our customers. 

Value Added Services Qaulity Assurance

  • Etra Value Added Services conducts fastener acceptance inspections and quality assurance. Every inspected item batch receives an inspection certificate.
  • NDT: Item dimension measurements with 0.01mm precision, internal and external thread measuring with tolerated gauges, perpendicularity testing, and coating thickness testing on coated items.
  • DT: Torque tolerance measuring, practical testing on mechanical properties and material drilling properties.
  • In-house expertise: cooperation with our fastener production enables us to conduct more in-depth material technical analyses with trusted partners.
  • Acceptance inspection on subcontracted fasteners to ensure high quality.
  • A dedicated quality assurance department in our logistics center and trained inspectors.
  • Calibrated precision instruments