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OR 31,42 X 2,62 EPDM


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Dimensioning of O-rings
The dimensions of the O-rings are always given as the inner diameter of the O-ring (d1) x the thickness of the material (d0).
Chemically resistant. Used with phosphate ester-based non-combustible hydraulic fluids and glycol-based brake fluids.
Suitable for use:
- water and steam +130 ºC (EPDM 55915 +150 ºC)
- glycol-based brake fluids +150 ºC
- many organic and inorganic acids
- detergents, soda and alkalis.
- phosphate-based hydraulic fluids (HFD-R)
- silicone grease and silicone oil
- many polar solvents (alcohols, ketones, esters)
- Skydrol 500 and 7000
- good resistance to ozone, weather and aging
Not suitable for:
- mineral oil-based products (oil, grease and fuels)
N.B. When using brake fluids, EPDM material suitability for the particular brake fluid should be checked.
Heat resistance:
Maximum usage temperature with water and steam approx. +130 ºC, EPDM 55915 +150 ºC (momentarily less). In air: approx. +130 ºC.
Cold resistance: -55 ºC
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